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Amputation a concern among diabetes even in 2017 due to lack of treatment facilities

Around the globe, about 415 million people are diabetic. However, India has the world’s second largest diabetic population at 69 million. Almost 15% of diabetics develop an ulcer in their lifetime. Due to a lack of appropriate wound treatment, almost 85% diabetics lead to amputations. To gain expansive knowledge on wound healing and incorporate the advances in daily practice, the academic section of Zen Hospital, Chembur had organized a National level conference on June 17th , 2017. This was attended by more than 50 plastic surgeons, Interventional radiologists and experienced doctors from across the country.

Surgeons or family physicians often encounter wounds of different etiologies on a daily basis. Treating wounds is a challenge as the physicians or surgeons needs to assess wounds accurately, recognize wound related problems and provide interventions such that morbidity…

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