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Dead fish disrupt early summer for some Brunswick residents

BRUNSWICK — The town’s marine resources officer and a team of young volunteers spent much of the weekend cleaning up thousands of dead fish that had washed ashore after a fisherman failed to pull them into his boat.

By Monday morning, most of the dead fish – all pogies, a popular bait – had been removed, although some carcasses were left behind, along with a pungent smell.

Frank Strasburger, a retired pastor who lives on a private road near Simpsons Point, was among dozens of coastal property owners affected. He first noticed the fish a week ago Monday when he stepped outside to launch his kayak from his backyard, which overlooks Middle Bay. He could smell the fish before he could see them.

“It was so strong, I couldn’t breathe,” he said. “I think we got the worst of it here.”

The fish had likely been dead for days.

The Brunswick Police Department’s Marine…

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