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Holistic Allergy Expert Helps Overcoming allergies naturally

Peggy Schirmer, Health and Lifestyle Consultant for Allergies, offers a sustainable solution to our ever-expanding allergy problems.

Having suffered from allergies herself, Schirmer turned the curse into a gift: first freeing herself and now helping others to overcome their allergies with her recently started online consulting business.

“Often allergies are underestimated when in fact they are an emergency call of the body,” said the Health and Lifestyle Consultant for Allergies. “Allergies are evidence that something you are doing, eating or living doesn’t work for your body to keep it’s natural balance.”

Schirmer developed a nature-based, personally tailored success program that is easy to implement into the busy lives of her clients:

The 12-Week Allergy Goodbye Program supports allergy sufferers to make minimal, but effective diet and lifestyle changes to reclaim…

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