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Honda releases new Accord concept sketch

It’s probably not being too unfair to say Honda is widely seen as something of a conservative auto brand, but it’s also one that’s definitely been looking to expand its appeal beyond its traditional customer base recently. That plan to connect with a broader, more youthful audience looks as though it might just be being ramped up a notch now. That’s because the Japanese automaker has revealed a simply stunning concept sketch of its all-new tenth-generation Accord, which is set to be properly unveiled in all its full glory in Detroit on July 14.

This all-new tenth-generation 2018 Accord is being billed by Honda as, “the most fun-to-drive, premium and dramatically styled Accord ever.” And although we’ll have to take the manufacturer’s word about the fun-to-drive and premium parts of that statement for the moment, the illustration it’s just released is understating the “dramatically…

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