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Maldives, Tourist Haven, Casts Wary Eye on Growing Islamic Radicalism

Brig. Gen. Zakariyya Mansoor, the director general of the National Counter Terrorism Center, a recently formed government office spearheading efforts to increase security preparedness, agreed that it was challenging to identify noninvasive solutions and maintain the tranquil environment expected by tourists.

But he said the country was well prepared to handle terrorist threats, pointing to the national policy on terrorism and the regular staging of simulated attacks at tourist facilities for training purposes.

“There are certain criteria that every resort must meet in terms of safety and security,” General Mansoor said. “Resort owners and resort operators are very cooperative with us.”

Ibrahim Hussain Shihab, a spokesman for the president of the Maldives, Abdulla Yameen, wrote in an email that the government takes all breaches of…

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