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Chris Hemsworth reveals nerves when meeting Cate Blanchett

He’s a leading Hollywood star, but Chris Hemsworth has revealed he was rather ‘intimidated’ and nervous when he first met Cate Blanchett and Chris Pratt.  The 34-year-old told Elle Magazine that his Thor: Ragnarok co-star Cate, 48, ‘calls you on your s**t.’ He also said he was ‘weirdly shaken’ after first meeting Avengers: Infinity War […]

Can Adults Develop Food Allergies?

It’s no secret that food allergies seem to be on the rise. You probably hear anecdotal evidence to that end all the time: Maybe your neighbor’s kids all have peanut allergies, your sister has a wheat intolerance and your granddaughter’s classroom contains four children with severe food allergies. It may not surprise you to know […]

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