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Property news: Expert reveals how to negotiate a reduced price when buying a house | Property | Life & Style

Peter Brooks, Barclays’ behavioural finance expert revealed his top ten tricks for negotiating when making a house purchase.

Mr Brooks shared his tips after a Barclays Mortgages survey revealed over half of those  who had bought their first property in the last five years regretted not trying to hammer out a better deal.

He said: “Buying a property is the biggest investment of most people’s lives and it’s imperative that the negotiation process is approached with a healthy combination of pragmatism and fearlessness.

“The biggest mistake many first-time buyers make is to rush into decisions and then panic once they have been made.”

Sharing his rules for negotiating, Mr Brooks said:

  • Be clear and assertive. When buying a property, many parties are involved meaning miscommunication is common. Being clear, decisive and assertive will ensure a faster process which the seller will ultimately…

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