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Student builds pavilion on campus of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture school

Architecture student Jaime Inostroza has built a tiny pavilion on the campus of the School of Architecture at Taliesin, offering occupants framed views of the Arizona desert.

Inostroza recently graduated from the architecture school – previously called the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture – which is based at a house designed by the prolific American architect in Scottsdale.

Inostroza was one of several students asked to design a pavilion suitable for sleeping inside, to test their understanding of design, materials and construction. But only this one was built.

Inostroza’s design was for a structure with an elevated bedroom, offering views of the surrounding desert landscape.

It is built in a clearing, among dense vegetation that offers shade. Concrete pads already existed on this site, thanks to a previous construction here. The new pavilion sits on…

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