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Taste of the world’s cuisine and culture at Carrousel of Nations

The Terpsichorean Dance Group, consisting of boys and girls aged four to eight, perform traditional Greek dance at the Greek Village as part of the Carrousel of Nations, Sunday, June 18, 2017.
Dax Melmer / Windsor Star

German beer, Greek saganaki and 1,000 years of Polish history are at Windsor’s fingertips during the annual Carrousel of Nations.

The Carrousel of Nations is an annual event when ethno-cultural communities open their doors and celebrate their heritage with the larger Windsor community. The event ran from Friday to Sunday at various locations across the city, and will open again June 23 to 25. The full schedule and village locations can be found at the Carrousel of Nation’s website.

Perogies and Polish history were front and centre at the Polish Village at 1275 Langlois Ave. 

The Windsor Polish community celebrated their heritage with entertainment,…

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